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02-07-2017 | Starting Time: 3:00 PM

Mon Brumby

Messing around with audio gear and gardening tools is what Monique Brumby does with most of her spare time. She has a keen interest in sound production and audio mixing, rivaling her passion for Patti Smith’s song writing, gardening with power tools and her appreciation for Lily Tomlin’s hands. The first openly gay female artist in Australia to come out publicly while signed to a major label in 1995, Monique overcame a lot of discrimination to forge forward with a music career that encompasses 5 albums, 3 EPs and multiple ARIA Awards. She paved the way for people struggling with their sexuality at a time when it was not considered ok to be gay. Monique has been a voice for the minority groups and underdogs throughout her career that spans 2 decades. She prefers to be heard live than googled so come along and check out her vibrant and rollicking band and easy story telling that makes ya feel warm and fuzzy and a bit better about yourself.