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The Resignators

'The Resignators sounded like Gang of Four if they were a ska band. Most of the audience sitting around me left the balcony for the dance floor, which was totally understandable. The band had an incredible energy, a great sound hybrid of vintage rock and roll and ska, a really cool organ and a kick-ass front man. I officially declare this the best ska set I’ve ever seen.' 
CJLO, Montreal, Canada


Join The Resignators at the Retreat Hotel in Brunswick on Thursday February 8th as they perform tracks from their latest album, Party Dates, as well as heaps of classic Resignator songs from the past 12 years.


This will be The Resignators last Melbourne show until The Resignators support The Creepshow from Canada in April 2018…

Don’t miss out, no cover charge, great meals and a super fun night!

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