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Bo Jenkins

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Don’t miss the chance to sample some Southern “Rock’in/Rootsy” country/blues music with legendary U.S. guitarist BO JENKINS. If you like your music authentic then Bo is not to be missed. Jenkins music reflects the richness of a life playing on River Boats and in the bars and clubs of the famous Mississippi Delta region which has bred legends including Johnny Cash, Sonny Boy Williamson, Elvis Presley and Charlie Rich. His shows benefit from years playing with the likes of B.B King to Reba McIntyre. Bo has performed at most major music festivals including Byron Bay Blues & Roots, Gympie Muster to the Thredbo Blues Festival to name a few. For the aficionados, Jenkins is a left handed up side down player, incorporating lots of slide guitar and favors “aussie brands” i.e. MATON & CARGILL. Quote: Phil Emmanuel: “I’d like to break his fingers”. B.B. King “you got my boys talking”.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Bo Jenkins at the venue below to get
a taste of the deep south…….