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The Barebones w/ Cold Irons Bound + Lost Canoe



The Barebones mix elements of Wilco’s alt-country and the UK’s pub-rock of Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello, while also recalling Aussie-indie forebears Bluebottle Kiss and The Panics – BEAT Magazine.

Taking inspiration from greats such as Wilco, Augie March, The Kinks, and You Am I, The Barebones are a Melbourne-bred rock band with strong roots in melodic pop rock. They launched their debut album ‘Where Have All the Good Folk Gone’, a heady mix of 60’s pop, alt- country and driving rock n roll in October 2016 to rave reviews. Recorded at Hamer Hall and co-produced by local luminary D. Rogers (Ben Lee, ex-Klinger), the album showcases the band’s song-writing skills and gift for melody, careering effortlessly between pared back alt-country to bar room rock n roll. The album explores gender expectations, disillusionment, loss and love while still retaining a strong sense of optimism and defiance.

‘Where Have All the Good Folk Gone is an exquisite piece of alt-country pop rock. You should be so lucky to hear such pop perfection in your lifetime.’ – Divide and Conquer, 2017.

Cold Irons Bound are influenced by a mix of classic indie (The Church, R.E.M., The Replacements, Teenage Fanclub) and Americana (Dylan, Young, Petty, The Jayhawks).

Their self-titled debut album was recorded by Brooke Penrose (Saint Jude) at Captain B Studios in Melbourne and released in October 2016. The Big Takeover praised the record for commanding "an astute control of dynamic contrasts". Their second album–‘Don’t Lose Your Mind’–was recorded in the summer of 2017-18 by Rohan Sforcina (Dune Rats, Fraser A Gorman) at Four Hundred Acres Recording Studio, and will be released on 27 April 2018.

Although the open tunings and earthy sensibility of their debut album are still in their DNA, the band have rediscovered their love of twelve string chime. With the keys of Joe Cope (Big Smoke, TheHello Morning) added to the mix, the ambition of the songwriting and arrangements is realised deftly in this sophomore record. Purposeful jams, room to breathe, and an aura of tuneful confidence are the result. The rockers do just that while the longer tracks go someplace new and aren’t afraid to look around when they get there.

Support from Lost Canoe. 

Earlier Event: June 16
DJ Grandmaster Vicious