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CAR AID w/ Polite Skeleton + Friends

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6 bands on a sunday arvo at THE RETREAT HOTEL for FREE. This will be a fundraiser for Paige from the skellie boiz (hehe SUPRISE) as her car got stolen and she is now out of pocket. No one should have to pay for being a victim of crime so we all did the only thing we know how and whipped this lineup up to get boogey and help a lovely mate out.
Come on down and support a wholesome cause with cheap beers and sick times.

Greyjacks 3:00-3:30
Le pine 4:00-4:30
Honey blues 5:00-5:30
Big moist and the smoking durries 6:00-6:30
The Spagetti stains 7:00-7:30
Polite Skeletons 8:00-8:30