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Iron Mammoth (NZ) w/ The Colby's + EXILE



Come party with Iron Mammoth (Melbourne/Dunedin, NZ) at The Retreat Hotel as they reunite to release their new single “Heart to the Slaughter”.

Joining them on the night will be local talent and AV all-stars The Colby’s and EXILE.

Music from 8pm


Two thirds of Iron Mammoth, Dunedin's laziest band, escape the treacherous blizzards of the deep south to meet up with the other guy and put on a wild party for the release of a brand new single. By continuing the slow drip-feed of material with another track from that elusive “Iron Mammoth Album”, the band has once again maintained the illusion of some kind of thing to come. After all, playing weird instruments and printing trendy t-shirts will only get you so far...

Iron Mammoth have been described as ‘a band that sometimes plays shows', ‘weird but not that weird’, ‘mostly rock n roll’, ‘kids music for adults’, and ‘are they even still a band?’.

Experiencing a live performance may cause you to agree with one or more of the following statements:

“A foot stomping, heart pounding show, with such unconventional gear” - Junction Magazine
“The singer's voice was a hybrid of Tom Waits and Jim Morrison…” - Junction Magazine
“Iron Mammoth are just [sic] the forerunners of the next musical revolution” - Junction Magazine

Seven years of gigs, and one very quotable lifestyle magazine review later, Iron Mammoth are at the critical point in any long-distance band relationship. Will they defy the odds and retain their “still a band” status, or will they become another industry statistic. Find out in September 2019!


Forming in 2015, from the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, The Colby’s (at the time known as Tempus) have been working on creating their alternative funk/rock sound.
Influenced by the magic of the 70’s while also being inspired by the new breed of music out today, The Colby’s aim to combine those times while also creating something new and special.
Late in 2017, the band (Tempus) was forced to change their name due to Trademark reasons. A year later the band reunited as The Colby’s and very quickly added to their catalogue of songs that sounded more mature than the last era of music.
Now 2019, the band feel ready and will aspire to make a serious impact in the Australian music scene with their debut EP “Skin” which was released on 22nd March 2019, under their new name, The Colby’s.


Melbourne born and bred, EXILE have been struttin’ their stuff and hitting audiences all over the country with their no-holes-barred, in ya face brand of rock for over a decade. Not just a gig, EXILE put on a show. Attitude, intensity and energy are never in short supply with Suzy out front on lead vocals, Waz on guitars and Jim on bass doin’ what they do best, and driving this rockin' machine, Brad on the skins.
EXILE have recorded a couple of E.P.'s; Songs from the Jam Tin, Breathe, for sale at gigs. Just come up and have a chat with us. Or hit us up on Facebook -